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We create luxury activewear for the versatile dancer that inspires movement so you can get lost in the moment. 
Our premier collection of luxury-made leotards seeks to redefine what you expect from dancewear through carefully selected performance fabrics, innovative fit features and elevated styles.
Every SPIRA piece is designed with the utmost attention to detail and crafted from the highest-quality materials in Los Angeles.

SPIRA was founded by best friends Tanisha Thammavongsa and Brit MacRae with a mission to redefine dance wear. Rejecting the tired myth of what a dancer “should” look like, SPIRA embraces the full spectrum of the female form, and makes her look damn good in the process. We believe that the real beauty of dance comes from within and that every dancer shines brightest when she feels her best. Every SPIRA design is inspired by and celebrates the power, beauty and creativity of the real dancers we know.
SPIRA is the intersection of fashion and dance. It is a sartorial expression of the transcendent moment when after all of the technique and all of the rehearsal, you truly lose yourself in the music. We hope our designs help you reach that magical place, more often.
Tanisha & Brit