A 21st Century dance leo? It's about time! Regular leotards are shapeless, boring in style, and give you a wedgie when you do jumps across the floor. (You know we're right!) SPIRA leos were designed to help dancers feel beautiful and confident in front of the mirror. We wanted to design a leotard packed with all the features needed in order to highlight all of your best features. Trust us, we know what it's like to stare at yourself in the mirror for hours on end.

Maybe you want the girls to look perky and feel supported? Maybe you want your tummy to look tight and your core to feel engaged? Maybe you want to shake your booty without having to think about anything else? Or maybe you just honestly want something cute to wear for once!

We got you.

We started SPIRA because we noticed that high-quality activewear companies never made the leos required in many classes and studios. Trendy bodysuits from fashion brands never held up to a dancer’s demands for quality. When we couldn’t find the leotard we were looking for, we decided to make it ourselves.