What to Do When You're Feeling Blue: Dance Edition

What to Do When You're Feeling Blue: Dance Edition

What To Do When You’re Feeling Blue: Dance Edition
We’ve all experienced a bad day (or week) at rehearsal. We’ve all felt discouraged by the pace of improvement. Perhaps you’re having difficulty picking up choreography or perhaps you’re feeling hopeless about getting that triple pirouette that everyone else has already mastered.

We’ve all felt negativity at one point or another. However, what’s really tough is when you are feeling down and you can’t pinpoint why. Sometimes, these days feel even darker.

Let’s break down some tips to pull you out of the fog. We are here. We love you.

1. Take 5 deep, full breaths
Start by breathing in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth. When you breathe in, let your diaphragm expand fully and let your belly fill outward with your breath in. Inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale for eight seconds. Repeat.

2. Remind yourself why you’re doing this
Sometimes, in the darkness, it becomes difficult to remember why we started, why we’re doing it. Sometimes, when I feel hopeless I think back to when I was a kid begging my parents to sign me up for dance classes. What made that little girl want to dance? Why was it important to her? Having difficulty finding the why? See the next point.

3. Call someone you love

It can be a best friend, it can even be your Grandma, anyone who makes you smile and maybe even knows you better than yourself at times. What you talk about during your call is completely up to you. It may feel right to dive into the fact that you’re feeling blue, other times you may feel like focusing on something else (aka THEM). Distractions can sometimes prove to be useful.

4. Shake your booty
When you dance, or exercise in any way, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Maybe this is why, biologically, you’re called to do it. ;) These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. So if you’re having a bad day, getting up and moving around is sometimes the thing you need to ‘shake’ off the negativity. Put on some music and allow yourself to dance with abandon - purpose comes from the freedom to explore. And if the blues hit you during class, try to focus on the way your body feels, your breath, your sweat, and forget about the technique or the combo for the time being.

Long story short, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a bad day, there is nothing wrong with feeling lost and most importantly, there is nothing wrong with you. Sometimes you need to crawl into bed, hide underneath a mountain of blankets, play a sad soundtrack and cry it out. You are allowed to feel sad, and feeling sad is completely normal. 

Accepting the emotion you’re feeling is the first real step, and hopefully, these 4 steps help get you dancing again.

How do you deal with a bad day or bad rehearsal? We’d love some tips and tricks from you. Leave us a comment. xx

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