Our Original Bombshell. Victoria Baldesarra.

Our Original Bombshell. Victoria Baldesarra.


Our Original Bombshell.

The perfect combination of elegance, strength & beauty, this is why Victoria Baldesarra was our muse for our Bombshell leotard.   

A Dance Icon.

Dancing since the age of 3, Victoria gained global acclaim as 'Michelle' in The Next Step. Playing a lead character in the first six seasons allowed Victoria the opportunity to tour all around the world dancing for the masses.

It's Victoria's mission to impact each and every dancer she meets.
SPIRA Founders sat down with Vic and asked her for advice:


What do you do if your friends don't understand your dreams? What if they don’t understand why you want to be a dancer and why you're missing out on activities/hangouts/parties?


This is such a tough answer. It's difficult because I definitely struggled with this in high school when I began acting. I started believing that all my friends were going to hate me or want to disown me as a friend. One day, my mom pulled me aside and asked me what would happen if I was honest with my friends. What's the worst that would happen? So I followed her advice. I told them the truth, that I had homework, that I was busy at rehearsal, that I had competitions for the next 6 weekends. I asked them to not think any different of me, that I was doing my best and had a lot going on in my life. I began suggesting alternatives (ex: hanging out tomorrow, going to so-and-so's house etc.). This showed my friends that I was making an effort and wanted to make them a priority. Your friends should understand that you’re busy and if they don’t understand, they probably aren’t your friends.

You were put on this Earth for greatness. Find a group of friends that lift you toward the sun. Good luck.


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