Ask SPIRA: Back to Class After a Long Break

Ask SPIRA: Back to Class After a Long Break


Q: Hey Team SPIRA,

I started doing ballet when I was 3, but unfortunately, I had to quit when I was 7. My dad got relocated for work and there wasn’t a studio near my new home. I spent time through middle school trying to participate on ‘dance team’, but it wasn’t the same. I’ve always wanted to rejoin and I finally just turned 17 and am almost able to pick a studio near my college and begin again. Do any of you have advice for me on how to get my body into decent shape before classes? I have a knee that sometimes causes me problems and I’m nervous about how it will flare up in class.

Excited Yet Afraid


A: Dear Excited Yet Afraid,

Brit here! Congratulations on starting up again! Dance is such a powerful outlet, I’m so excited that you’re jumping back in. Something I often forget when starting/restarting something new is that it’s okay, and even exciting, to be a beginner. In my opinion, the best thing you can do is simply ‘arrive’ to class. Just showing up is a win! By being kind to yourself about where you are mentally and physically, and patting yourself on the back just for being there, you’ll not only be more receptive to new information but you’ll also love the class a hell of a lot more. By focusing on your joy, your more likely to keep coming back week after week, and the rest will follow. ;)

As for your knee, it’s so important to strengthen the major muscle groups that will help alleviate the pressure around your knee joint. I sometimes experience knee and hip pain and it’s often an indication that I need to put greater focus on my core strength.

Here’s a 10-Min Abs Series to implement into your weekly routine.
The best part of this series? You can do it while watching your favorite Netflix binge. 😉



30-sec plank
30-sec side plank (right side)
30-sec side plank (left side)
30 mountain climbers (15 each side)
20 knee-to-elbow plank
30 crunches
30 bicycle crunches
30-sec straight leg hold
40 Russian twist (20 each side)

I hope this is helpful! Please keep us posted on your progress and know that we are behind you 100%! Be patient with yourself and don't forget that dancing is all about the joy it brings you. :)

Love always,

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