Apps for Dancers

Apps for Dancers

Brit here. :) I love life hacking and trying to gain optimal productivity through apps, I'm constantly on the hunt for new apps to add to my collection. Dance truly requires a mind-body connection so I love using technology to add value to my life. 

Here is a list of apps that I use every single day to make my life (and dancing) better :)

1. Stop, Breathe, Think (Meditation App)
When I wake up in the morning, I sit up against the wall and meditate for 10-15 minutes. I love using this app because 1) it’s free and 2) it has a ‘check-in’ feature where you choose the emotions that you’re feeling, and it personalizes your meditation experience. Meditation helps me clear my mind in a way that allows greater focus and emotional accessibility when dancing.

2. Sweat (HIIT Fitness App)

After my morning meditation, I grab my coffee and then do my daily workout. I freaking love the Kayla Itsines: Sweat App because the workouts are effective and the workouts are short (less than 30 mins) I try to exercise right away so it’s out of the way and I can continue on with my day. I find resistance training helps to build not only my strength but my stamina and this translates brilliantly into my dance classes.

3. Springpop (Positivity App)

The internet can be pretty dangerous. There are even days where I find myself browsing Instagram feeling sorry for myself wishing I was dancing at a higher level, or lounging on a beach in some hot, tropical location. There is a lot of negative content out there that can impact your mood. Springpop was designed to find inspiring and positive content to make your day better. :) All the articles shared on this app are personalized based on what you like and want to see, and the content is inspiring and mood-boosting. Download it, it’s great.

4. stickK (Habit Tracking app)

Habits are hard to create and hard to break. stickK is an app that helps empower you to better your lifestyle. If you have a hard time creating new habits, stickK has  'Commitment Contracts' to help you achieve your goals. Want to start getting to bed earlier? Eating healthier? Exercising more?  stickK puts a value on achieving your goals. 

5. Brit & Co (Just for fun!)

Similar to Springpop, Brit & Co houses articles on EVERYTHING that millennials/young women love. When I need a quick “mental break” or some mindless browsing - Brit & Co is my go-to! 

I hope this list of apps helps you as much as they help me!! What apps would you add to this list? Leave a comment with your favourite app! :) <3 

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