A True Dance Force: Sidney Leeder

A True Dance Force: Sidney Leeder

A True Force.

Sidney personifies elegance, strength & beauty and was one of the original muse in the creation phase of our first SPIRA collection.

A Dance Icon.

Dancing from the age of 2, Sidney has lived in 3 major cities: Toronto, Los Angeles, and New York City, while pursuing vibrant careers in dance, acting, and modeling. 

It's Sidney's goal to sprinkle positivity to each and every dancer she meets.
SPIRA Founders sat down with Sidney and asked her for advice:


Tell us a bit about you and your history with dance. Why do you dance?



I started dancing at the age of two. When people say they 'found' dance, I really think it was a mutual finding, in many ways dance 'found' me. There was an incredible community built around my studio, my ballet teacher who I stuck with from a very young age, and the talented girls I trained with. Throughout my childhood, I experimented with all sorts of extracurricular activities (soccer, swimming etc.) but dance was the most powerful and resonated with me the deepest.

My mom loved that, compared to other activities, dance created a full and well-rounded life. It was a creative outlet, a physical outlet and I was being given the opportunity to meet many incredible girls, providing a social outlet. Being such a serious time commitment, dance was the perfect blend of physical, creative & social.

I never looked back. I trained in dance through high school in a highly competitive program. Following high school, I got into the dance program at Ryerson University and quickly began to book large-scale campaigns for companies such as "Joe Fresh." It was a surreal moment of realization understanding that I could and would be paid to do something I loved more than anything. From there I got into choreography for music videos and that segued seamlessly into acting. 

Entering the dance world was a breakthrough moment for me. I had been in a studio my entire life and hadn’t thought of a world outside of homework and the studio. I so badly wanted to get going, I was ready to spread my wings.



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