8 Choreography Tips to Make the Best Piece Possible

8 Choreography Tips to Make the Best Piece Possible

Choreography is an incredible creative process that will not only help you explore your own personal style but will help you pick up and appreciate the choreography you’re learning in class. 

Here are 8 choreography tips that’ll help you make the best piece possible:

1. Set a deadline

Creativity and anxiety do not go hand-in-hand, but creating limitations has been proven to help creativity thrive. Setting a choreography schedule will help you get inspired and finish the piece.

2. Start with one section

Start with the part of the song that gets you most excited. For example, hone in on the chorus, build a combo around it, and then expand outward. Starting small helps the whole process feel more manageable.

3. Expect a creative block & break through it

Juilliard grad, Brennan Clost, often refers to ‘dancing the alphabet’ when he hits a creative block. By finding creative ways to draw various letters with his body he finds his way out of his creative block and completes a phrase that feels stuck.

4. Understand the music you’ve selected

Get to know the meaning behind the lyrics of the song you’ve chosen for greater insight. Understanding the meaning will help you connect to the music in a deeper way and choose more specific movement.

5.Collaborate with others

Invite other people to join you in making a piece. It’s really beautiful what happens when you combine multiple creative processes.

6.Don’t worry about choreographing to ‘every beat’

Be selective on the sounds you choose to dance to - and allow a groove or even stillness in the ‘off sounds’. Adding breath can also help your viewers better digest your more intricate sections.

7.Give yourself permission to be WEIRD

You never know what gold can be found when you give yourself permission to move in a way that truly feels good (no matter how you think it looks).

8.Tell your story and know it’s enough

Remember that choreography is an epic form of art and storytelling. There is no ‘right and wrong’ and by having one goal: to tell an authentic story - your piece is bound to move people in a beautiful way.

Do you have any choreography tips? We'd love to hear! :) Leave us a comment below!

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